Central Texas Stock Horse

The mission of the Central Texas Stock Horse is to assist its members to improve horse and horsemanship skills through education and competition in a safe and enjoyable environment, while also preserving the traditions of the American Stock Horse
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Central Texas Stock Horse is now using our Horse Show software for direct online entries.
By clicking the link below it will take you to Horseshowing.com web site to our show page.
The links will become active as the shows are uploaded.
Class lists, paper entries and other information will be available on the show page.

You will need to setup an account one time.  This is a free account to set up. What you enter here is what will go directly into system.
Then each time you enter one of Central Texas Stock Horse shows all you will need to do is select classes you wish to enter, and any stalling or other requirements on show fee list, all other information will be already in the system.  You can have multiple horses and multiple people on one account.

Important Note
This program assumes that everyone rides with a trainer.
If you ride with a trainer please remember to input your trainer information in your account under people, and select your trainer.
If you do not ride with a trainer select either "No Trainer"  or your name in the trainer choice.

Stalls and RV reservations can be entered under fees tab with "create entries" when you listed "No Trainer"

Limestone Kickoff Clinic and Show
April 24th and 25th 2021
Limestone Salute to Mom Clinic and Show
May 8th and 9th 2021
Limestone Sizzling Summer Shoot Out Clinic and Show
Aug 14th and 15th 2021
Limestone Region One Championships Clinic and Show
Oct 9th and 10th 2021
Limestone Country Fair Clinic and Show
Sept 11th and 12th 2021
AS ALWAYS if you have any trouble or questions please call me.
Annette   254.730.0822
By clicking the link below I agree to abide by all of the ASHA Association By-laws, Rules and Regulations and I acknowledge that horseback riding is a sport, which carries inherent risks of injury and damage to myself, others, horses and property. I knowingly assume all risks. I agree that I will not hold Limestone Leaders 4H, ASHA, Facility, Directors, Officers, Employees, Volunteer, Clinicians, or Participants liable for any injury or property damage rising out of or caused by the Clinic or Show. Parent or Guardian signature is required for all Youth memberships. Returned checks - $35.00 charge.
Added Events
$20 added money per division for Ranch Riding only

Entry Fee $25 added $5 for APHA approved Concurrent Class
​60% payback
Ranch Riding Classes Sponsored by:
Heart of Texas Equestrian Academy LLC
When you are signing up don't forget our
Jack Pot Ranch Riding and Jack Pot Ranch Rail Classes
type in "Ranch" when looking for classes on your entry page of Horseshowing.com

the APHA rule book will be used for the All Breed Divisions as these are concurrent with the APHA Classes
Extra Cow Practice on Saturday evening   (Just cattle fee will apply)
sign up for these under your fees section of your entry on Horseshowing