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AS ALWAYS if you have any trouble or questions please call me.
Annette   254.730.0822

Central Texas Stock Horse is now using our Horse Show software for direct online entries.
By clicking the name of the clinic and show you wish to attend, the link will take you to web site to our show page.
The links will become active as the shows are uploaded. 
Class lists, paper work sheet for entries and other information will be available on the show page.

You will need to setup an account one time.  This is a free account to set up. What you enter here is what will go directly into system.
Then each time you enter one of Central Texas Stock Horse shows all you will need to do is select classes you wish to enter, and any stalling or other requirements on show fee list, all other information will be already in the system.  You can have multiple horses and multiple people on one account.

Once you have created your FREE account you enter your Horse and People information first.  You will only have to do this once, this is held in the account. 

From the main menu select "Create Entries".  Where it says type name of show, type in Limestone, this will bring up our shows that are available.  Select your choice.  From the Select horse drop down chose the horse you wish to enter.  If you have your organization membership numbers you can add the but it is not necessary.  

This program assumes that everyone rides with a trainer.
If you ride with a trainer please remember to input your trainer information in your account under people, and select your trainer.
If you do not ride with a trainer select  "No Trainer"  in the trainer choice.

After you select No Trainer you will get drop down for Rider 1 for the selected horse.  (this is important if you have people sharing a horse)

Select the rider for that horse again you can add member numbers if you have them but not necessary.   THEN CLICK ON RIDER ONE CLASSES PLUS SIGN.  In that window you can type all or just your division (example:  Novice) and the classes will display with a box to checkmark.  

NOTE: The classes are numbered.  If there is an "a" beside the number it is an APHA concurrent Class, if there is a "b" beside it, it is and APHA SPB concurrent class.     To find APHA classes type ranch in the rider one classes window.

When you save your entry this does not submit your entry this allows you to work on it or change things if you are not sure of something.  When you save your entry you will get an option to create more entries or not.  This is handy if you are entering multiple horses.  When you are done creating entries you should be on the "Entry Status" Page,  On the left you should see 4 buttons, "edit, view, delete, select for submission"   Click on "Select for Submission" than scroll to the bottom and click on submit.   It will tell you that you have successfully submitted your entry.

When your entry is processed you will receive a conformation email.

Stalls and RV reservations can be entered under fees tab with "create entries" when you listed "No Trainer"

Thank you

Annette McCloskey

Show Secretary 

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